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The European Union (EU) is with 512 million people a great export destination, and its member states and national economies make for a huge internal market. Within the EU, Germany has the largest population (83 million) and tens of thousands of top companies, wholesalers and importers – all of them constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products.

Cambodian-German Energy Symposium, November 23 - 26

The 2nd Cambodian-German Energy Symposium, will take place virtually on November 24. In this upcoming edition, the Focus will be on the topic C&I Energy Efficiency including Renewable Energies in Cambodia. The symposium is an opportunity for business, science, politics and administration experts from Cambodia to meet German participants from the private sector. The objectives of the 2nd Cambodian-German Energy Symposium are to build partnerships and to facilitate a knowledge-sharing platform for energy experts in Cambodia as well as to create investment opportunities in the sector.

The e-learning course "Introduction to CSR"

The Global Business Network (GBN) Programme which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by GIZ, and EuroCham Cambodia - with its respective national chapters ADW, CCIFC, BRITCHAM, NORDCHAM, BENELUX, and ICBA - would like to invite you to the e-learning course "Introduction to CSR".

Online course on CSR now available

The e-learning course ‘Introduction to CSR’ was developed by the International Trade Center – ITC (Geneva, Switzerland), the Import Promotion Desk - IPD (Germany), and Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries – CBI (Netherlands). For companies, the participation in the CSR e-learning course is free of charge. It takes a total of 4 hours and must be completed in 2 weeks. Participants can plan these 4 hours according to their own schedule. Once participants have clicked through the presentation, actively participated in the forum and completed the course evaluation, they will receive a certificate of participation.

New member: Bee Incorporations

BEE Incorporations is a multi-national consultancy company headquartered in Asia, delivering sustainability solutions for green and healthy buildings worldwide. The company provides building certification and corporate wellness consulting, monitoring & testing, and green materials solutions for projects across all sectors and scales. BEE delivered over 500 certified Green Building projects in 30 countries. - nice to match you!

On the matchmaking platform, companies can discover business opportunities in developing and emerging countries around the world. Experts with experience in development cooperation who are on location advise them on possible partnerships with the German development sector. More than 200 business opportunities in 40 partner countries are already online since the platform launched in 2019, and more than 500 companies are registered on the platform. Currently, four investment opportunities in the agricultural and packaging sectors are listed for Cambodia.

Environmental Ministry discusses waste management opportunities

On February 27th, the German Business Group Cambodia (ADW), the German Embassy, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS) and the GIZ Global Business Network (GBN) Programme welcomed H.E. Soa Sopheap to a networking lunch with German institutions and companies to discuss opportunities in waste management in Cambodia. While Germany today has achieved considerable progress in developing modern solutions to sort, treat and recycle waste, the country’s experience with a shortage of landfill capacity during the 1980s, coupled with the growing awareness that Germans needed to curb the use of natural resources and energy, prompted the development of a modern waste management system.

Germany most innovative nation, index says

According to the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020, Germany is the most innovative nation of the world. After six years on top position, South Korea was ranked second followed by Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden. Germany scored three top-five rankings in value-added manufacturing, high-tech density, and patent activity. Altogether, the index in its eighth year, encompasses dozens of criteria that contribute to seven indicators.

Rhenus Cambodia supports river rehabilitation project

Rhenus Cambodia recently participated in river cleaning efforts spearheaded by the Belgium organization River Clean Up. The mission of this group is to host cleanups along rivers, create awareness and bring change to something which Rhenus can relate to, having been named after a river itself.

Completed in the rivers of Mekong, the local Rhenus team and other volunteers gathered waste like plastic bags, bottles and food wrappers along the riverbank. Together, the activists collected 430 kgs of plastic trash in less than an hour. “Protect the planet, don’t use single use plastic, don’t litter”, Frank Kleinteich, Rhenus Country Director Cambodia, wrote on Facebook. Altogether, Rhenus enabled ten cleanups with over 6,000 people during Water Festival in Phnom Penh in November. All in all, this collective initiative was able to clean several tons of trash off of the rivers and banks to be recycled or disposed of properly.

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